An update to the Engage Client is required for this release. Please click here to update.

Simple Questionnaires

We have added some new questionnaires for you, which you can send out to your patients via our outbound patient messaging feature. Firstly, the epilepsy review questionnaire:

Click here to see the epilepsy review questions and related codes.

And we have also introduced an ethnicity questionnaire which will record the appropriate clinical codes for your country.

Automatic patient matching/verification

Good news! Patients who use the NHS app or NHS login to send through requests will now be automatically matched with a patient in your clinical system. If they have completed high level verification (P9 status) with NHS login (read more about NHS login verification) they will automatically be verified too. 

ICE/Custom Questions Enhancement

You can now format the ICE/custom questions to honour line breaks and lists that you may want to include as below.


We have added a feedback button to allow you to send through feedback about Engage Consult to us at any time! 

Account/Guest Account

We have updated the Engage Client so that it now clearly shows if a user is an account holder or a guest user as shown below. You cannot use the 2-way messaging feature if the patient is a guest user and therefore the 'Messages' tab and 'Message patient' option will not be shown for guest users.

Patients login 

From feedback from patients, we have updated the login screen to show the login options on one page to make it clearer for the patient.

Updates for Out of Hours Service Providers

We have enhanced various features for our out of hours service providers. Want to find out more about how you could use Engage Consult contact us at!