An update to the Engage Client is required for this release. Please click here to update.

Consultation Method

You can now select a consultation method when you complete/send it to clinical. 

We know how important it is to save clicks where possible, so although this is a required field, we'll preset it for you if we know that a message or video consultation has occurred.

The consultation method will be recorded in the patient's clinical record.

Total Triage enhancement 

We have enhanced our 'Create a Request' feature by allowing you to assign a priority to the request before it gets added to the request list.

Patient updates

From feedback from care homes using the system they wanted to be able to see the patient's name in the messages list so we have now updated this to ensure they can manage communication from practices with ease.

Bug fix

Some patients were unable to view their completed messages in the NHS App, this has now been fixed.

Emis PCS

Engage Consult is now available for Emis PCS! Where a Snomed code would be recorded to the patient's clinical record, these have been replaced wherever possible with the equivalent READ code.

Customers in Scotland

Welcome to our new customers in Scotland! We've added the email domain to our whitelist to ensure that you can access all of the Engage Consult services.