Sidebar menus

We've tidied up the sidebar menus throughout the Engage Client and given them a fresh new look, we hope you agree that their compact appearance makes them a little easier to navigate.

Alcohol Questionnaire

You now have the option to send patients the Alcohol use disorders identification test (AUDIT) questionnaire so the patient can complete it online and the responses will be coded to the clinical record. 

Multiple uploads - Patients

Patients can now upload up to 3 photos or files with their request or message.

Configure admin query types in the management console

You can now configure the admin query types displayed to the patient so you can ensure that Engage Consult meets your practice's specific needs. 

If you have management console access you will have the ability to configure the list by adding and removing what you want to show to your patients as shown below.

Your patients will always have the option to select 'Something else':

Don't forget to update your admin service information page too!

Demand management enhancement - bank holidays 

We have enhanced our demand management feature so you can set service hours and limits for bank holidays. You will not have to do this manually now each time a bank holiday comes up!

You might notice that we've taken the opportunity to improve the time picker on this page, and have changed the save and cancel buttons throughout the Management Console to floating buttons to ensure they are always visible for you at the bottom left of the page.

Message templates for new customers

For new customers of Engage Consult we have added a default set of organisation message templates to utilise. 

Scotland update - NHS login removed 

We have updated Engage Consult for customers based in Scotland so patients do not see the option to use the NHS login as this is not used in Scotland.

As always, we've fixed a few little niggles along the way too.