Release date: 17th August 2023

Patient messaging update

From practice feedback, we will be updating the way you can send a message to make it easier to navigate and see the information on the request. This will be released to beta customers first before we release it to all of our customers.

This should save you clicks and it will allow you to send a questionnaire to a patient via 2-way messaging. So if a patient has enquired about a medical problem and you want to send them a questionnaire to fill in it will keep it all on the one request.

If you have any feedback on the design below please let us know at

Simple questionnaires available on the portal

Organisations can now add simple questionnaires to the patient portal so patients can submit a questionnaire such as smoking status straight to your practice without you having to send it out to them.

If a patient submits a simple questionnaire to the practice it will show the relevant clinical code that will be attached once you send to the clinical system.

Patient read receipts 

We have now added the ability to see what time and date the patient has read any messages sent to them.

Consultation Method

From feedback received we have now made the consultation method an optional field. So it is down to the practice to add in the consultation method if required.

Bug fixes

To show the symbol below when requests have been attached to the clinical system.