Release date: 31st of August 2023

*New* Status

We have added a new feature on requests so you can allocate a status to a request. From feedback from practices, we have also added the option to mark a request as unread.,

Once you have set a status for a request the appropriate symbol will be added to the request as below. 

New Symbols:

Waiting for patient

New response


Added to the clinical record

You can filter the request list by the status as below:

Management Console Updates - Reporting

We have moved the reports from to the management console. We have also improved the reports so you can view the data easily within the Engage Client.

The reports added are feedback, medical consultations, transactions and usage. It allows you to select a time period of the data you want to display and you can download the reports as CSV files.

Patient Feedback

A new question has been added to the patient feedback survey to capture what the patient would have done if they couldn't use the online services. The data will be added to your patient feedback report.

Total Triage Enhancements

When you create a request on behalf of a patient you now have the option in the management console to enable the ICE questions to ensure staff taking the request from the patient captures all the necessary information.