Release date: 14th September 2023 


We have listened and improved the way you send a message and add a note to a request. It will now pop up at the bottom of the screen allowing you to minimise it to easily see information on the request. 


Allows you to use your templates as normal but also add a questionnaire to send back to the patient.


Allows you to use your templates as normal but also the ability to assign the request to another group/colleague if needed.

Minimum age of patients

We already allow organisations to set a minimum age for Engage Consult account holders however we have now added the functionality so you can set a minimum age for patients that you will accept requests for. This means a parent/carer will not be able to request help on behalf of someone else under that minimum age either. 

Clinical Systems

Due to the recent events of clinical systems going down causing issues for practices, we have added the ability to still be able to deal with and send the patient's requests to the clinical system when the clinical system is unavailable. It will be added to an attach queue and automatically attached when the clinical system becomes available again.

Uploading images

From feedback from patients, we have added the ability for them to preview their images before sending over to the organisation to ensure they are sending the correct photo.

*Coming soon* - Build your own questionnaires

We will soon be releasing the option so organisations can build your own questionnaires! We will have different options so you can choose how the questions be will be displayed to your patients.

Take a sneak peek below at what we are working on.