We have now introduced the ability for you to create your own questionnaires. You can add as many custom questionnaires as you need and we do not limit the amount of questions you ask.

The feature is available in the management console (for management console users only). You can title the questionnaire and display text for the patient to see before they begin answering the questions.

When creating these questionnaires, you will have a number of different options in which to ask a patient the questions and there will also be different options for the patients responses. See examples below:

Radio Buttons Example:

In this example, you are able to set multiple choices for the patient to respond with. The patient will only be able to select one response from the options given. (Patient portal side shown on right)

Checkboxes Example:

In the checkboxes example below, you can set multiple options for the patient to choose from and the patient will be able to select multiple choices as their response. (Patient portal shown on right)

In these two examples you are able to delete response by clicking the minus symbol in from of the response, move the questions up or down by clicking and holding the dots on the left of the answer and add additional responses by clicking the green plus symbol

Single Line Input:

With this question type, the patient will have a single line to respond to the question asked.(Patient side shown on right)

Long Text:

The final question type allows a longer text box for the patient to respond in. (Patient side shown on right)

When you are creating questions, you can duplicate a questions with the same settings, mark a question as mandatory for patients (Highlighted by red Asterix next to question) and delete questions.

By clicking and holding the dots at the top of the question, you can rearrange the placement of the questions.