Release date: 12th October 2023

An update to the Engage Client is required please click here to download it.

BT/EE delivery receipts 

If your organisation is using BT/EE as its text carrier with Engage Consult you will now be able to see once an SMS has been received by the patient in the message logs.

PDF updates

If you need to download the PDF version of a request any images sent by the patient will now be displayed within that PDF for easy viewing. 

We also now record when PDFs/files have been downloaded by a user in the audit log.

Adding notes

From customer feedback now when you add and assign a note to another group/colleague it will take you back to the request list.

Engage Consult embedded into your website as an Iframe

If you currently have Engage Consult embedded into your website as an iframe this will need to be updated to our banner with your link attached or perhaps a button.

As part of our ongoing work to improve user accessibility and the security of our product, the ability to display Engage Consult in an iFrame will be retired on the 1st of December 2023 meaning it will no longer be available.

Vision Rest

Lots of work is being completed behind the scenes to ensure we will integrate with the Vision Rest API as soon as it becomes available!