20th October 2023

Translation in Engage Consult

NHS guidance recommends using a human translation service when consulting with patients who do not speak English fluently and advises against using automated translation services. We also understand that patients sometimes have to go beyond the established guidelines to ensure they can access primary care services (whilst respecting their language and communication choices) so that they receive the same quality of healthcare as others.

At Engage Health Systems, we aim to provide your patients with an inclusive experience when interacting with healthcare professionals. We understand that language barriers can be a significant hurdle to effective communication and access to healthcare services. That's why we're excited to introduce a new feature that will help bridge these gaps and make your experience even better: Google Translate integration.

Why Google Translate?

Google Translate is a powerful tool for breaking down language barriers. By incorporating this service into Engage Consult, we aim to enhance your ability to communicate with healthcare providers in the most comfortable language. It's a vital step toward creating a more inclusive and accessible healthcare platform.

Acknowledging the Risks

While Google Translate is a valuable resource, we understand the potential risks associated with automated translation services. Translation may not always be perfect and could result in misunderstandings or miscommunications. To address these concerns, we have worked very closely with our customers and our Clinical Safety team and have implemented several safeguards within Engage Consult:

  1. The patient can input their responses in their chosen language without the need to specify or change settings, Engage Consult will use the Google Translation API to automatically detect any foreign language and translate it into English for the receiving organisation.

  1. A clear warning will be displayed informing the recipient that the request has been translated - including the language detected. Users can easily toggle to see the original text at any time for the purposes of manual translation.

  1. When sending the request to the clinical system, it will be added to the clinical record in translated English. However, a note stating that the request was automatically translated will be appended so that it is clear to anyone reading in the future, and a link is provided to the request in the Engage Client where the original text can be viewed should it be necessary.

Feedback Matters

We value your feedback and encourage you to provide it if you encounter any issues with Google Translate. Your insights will help us improve the service and make it even more reliable.

Claire Flynn

Chief Operating Officer - Engage Health Systems