Release date: 9th November

Friends & Family Test

You now have the option to invite your patients to complete the Friends & Family Test anonymously on completion of their Engage Consult request. 

The Friends and Family Test (FFT) is an important feedback tool that supports the fundamental principle that people who use NHS services should have the opportunity to provide feedback on their experience. Listening to the views of patients and staff helps identify what is working well, what can be improved, and how.

The Friends and Family Test feature can be located and configured from the Management Console. In the left hand column you will need to click on Questionnaires then you will be presented with the Friends and Family Test (FFT) button. You can configure the questionnaire to be sent automatically for appropriate request types in your Management Console, you can also delay the sending of this invitation for up to 7 days:

A report of all responses to your Friends & Family Test questionnaire can be found in the Reports section of the Management Console.

UI changes

Following guidance from the NHS design team we've made a couple of small changes to the user interface of Engage Consult to make it clearer for your patients. We've added a divider on the page where they request help for someone else, and the page where they select who they would like help from:

Checkboxes in questionnaires

You asked, and we listened! We will now display all checkboxes in questionnaire responses so that for any given question you can see all of the options that were presented to a patient and you can see which ones they selected, and which ones they didn't. This information will also be added to the patient's clinical record when sent.

Scrollbar in 'New message' modal

You told us it could be hard to see a longer message sent to your patient, so we've improved the new message modal by adding a scrollbar and increasing the default size. You can click and drag the message box to increase the size of this field, and the scrollbar on the right will allow you to review the whole form easily. We hope this helps!

Prevent patients from replying

When sending a message to the patient, if appropriate, you can now select the option to prevent the patient from replying:

Outcome reporting

A dashboard showing the consultation method and outcome for your Engage Consult requests is now available in the Reports section of the Management Console:

Release 106

We are aware that we had several issues affecting customers following our last release, these were due to a necessary platform update. We endeavoured to fix all the issues as quickly as possible, as soon as we became aware but we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.