We now offer integration with the My Surgery App application for Welsh practices. Below is a guide on the slightly tweaked admin portal for users.

You will register and sign in as normal with following link https://my.engage.gp/index.php. Once set up, the home page will look as below:

By clicking on the staff tab, you are able to add new users to the Engage Client Practice to view requests. You will need to fill out some basic info on the user (see below):

Click Add

Then add user info

Back onto the home page and by clicking groups, you are able to add/delete/edit groups which exist within the organization on the Engage Client. Requests can be assigned to these groups for better workflow management. When logged in for the first time, the groups available will be our default groups. See below:

You can create a new group, update group names and delete groups from this page. The changes are completed instantly