Enhanced configuration for service hours

Following a request from a customer, we have enhanced your Demand management settings to allow greater control of when you allow requests outside of service hours. You can now configure each day separately (before and after service hours) so, for example, you can now allow requests outside of hours during the week but not after close of play on a Friday and over the weekend:

Care navigation

We've renamed Intelligent request routing in the Management Console to Care navigation to bring it into line with the terminology used within the NHS. We've got some exciting plans for how we're going to improve care navigation, namely adding the ability to also set priority and flag requests automatically, watch this space!

Coming very soon...

Appointment arrival for EMIS customers

We've done lots of work behind the scenes on our appointment arrival feature. Your patients will soon be able to arrive for their appointment via Engage Consult using their mobile phone (regardless of any other check-in solution), removing the need to queue at your reception desk or check-screen. Get in touch if you would like to try this out!