There is a new Desktop Client for this release - v14.14

Appointment booking 

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Hero Health to offer our SystmOne and Emis Web customers the ability to invite patients to book an appointment! You will have complete control of the appointment type, clinician, and location for the appointment.

Appointment booking will be available as part of the Digital Pathways for our English customers however this can be purchased separately for any customers purchasing off the framework. Get in touch if you would like to enable this feature.  

In the near future, we will be enhancing this feature with cross-organisational appointment booking and the ability to specify a date range for the appointment, for example, to ask your patient to book the appointment in 4 weeks time.

Arrive for your appointment

We already offer a patient check-in solution on a touch screen with the ability to allow the patient to arrive via their mobile, but we can now offer this as a stand-alone solution or as an additional feature of Engage Consult for our Emis PCS customers. Integration with the other clinical providers will be following shortly - contact us if you would like to use this feature or hear more.


Engage Desktop Client installation

The Engage Desktop Client is now available packaged as an MSI - this will allow your dedicated IT team to deploy the Engage Desktop Client via their own endpoint management solution. This eliminates the need for manual installation on each individual machine, saving time and effort.


We've added a handy dashboard showing your daily workload to the Requests page:

Here you'll see a count and breakdown of all requests received on the day. You'll also be able to see each user's current workload, the number of outstanding requests in their personal list, followed by the number assigned to them, and the number of requests that they have completed so far that day.

You can access the dashboard at any time from the request list, while viewing a request or even whilst adding a note or sending a message to the patient.

Consultation type

As requested, for Emis PCS and Vision customers, we have changed the consultation type for any request being sent to the patients' clinical record to eConsultation.

We've also fixed a few of those inevitable little gremlins that escape from time to time too!