Engage Consult App

Engage Health Systems like many other suppliers on the DFOCVC framework are in a very difficult situation whereby we are unable to tender for Online Consultation opportunities because we are currently unable to offer Push functionality.  This has already created a significant market imbalance and has inevitably led to a single supplier dominating the market.  So what do we do? wait until the App team resources are available and in the interim decline future bids, or do we take a more pragmatic and practical approach.

So, Engage Health has taken the decision to develop its own app as an offering to help the NHS reduce its heady SMS burden, which we will be committed to make available to patients at zero cost and to Primary Care within our existing pricing structure.  This will allow us to immediately offer a cost saving to the NHS through Push notification, but also to unlock other capability without the dependency upon App team resources.  Patient feedback also indicates that a certain number of patients are unwilling to sign up to NHS Login due to the verification requirements, but they will sign up to an Engage Consult account.

We are in no way proposing that the Engage App is a replacement for NHS App, but rather a stepping stone to the NHS App for those individuals who do not want to use NHS Login but we will allow patients the choice to sign in using NHS Login or their Engage Consult account, with the aim to drive NHS App usage.

We are fully aligned to supporting the NHS App achieve the aims of the Delivery plan for recovering access to Primary Care and believe that the NHS App should be the single point of access and we will certainly continue to steer all traffic to Login or App so that they can do more and benefit from its rich capabilities.

The new Engage App has been launched and can be downloaded by patients enabling them to receive Push notifications when the practice messages them.  Users will also have the ability to submit requests via the App to their practice.

The Engage App can be downloaded on the Apple App Store, Android or Google Play.