There is a new Desktop Client for this release - v15.2

Engage Arrive for Emis Web

As promised, we can now offer Emis Web customers our appointment arrival solution, free of charge!

Appointment arrival via Engage Consult is already available for Emis PCS and SystmOne customers, contact us if you need help setting this up.

You can add the option to arrive for an appointment on your Engage Consult portal or share the unique URL (found in your Management Console) wherever suitable. 

Verification status

We've added an icon to the request list for any patient who has been matched and verified so that you can identify verified patients at a glance:

We've also simplified the status label when you view a request, hover over the label for more information:

Is this enquiry for you?

Our customers have reported an issue where some patients are answering yes to the above question but in fact, the request was for someone else. We've made changes to the page to ensure that it is clear who the user is requesting help for and the importance of selecting the correct patient:

Demand management

Further to feedback from a customer about the ease of setting service hours in Demand Management, we've made a small change to use the 24-hour clock:

Small changes can make a big difference so if you've spotted something that you believe would make your life easier, please do let us know!


A customer reported receiving a request from an underage patient, we have found the circumstance which allowed the patient to bypass the age check and have now rectified this.