Two-factor authentication in the Engage Client

As requested, we have implemented two-factor authentication in the Engage Client for our customers in Scotland. Staff will be prompted to set up two-factor authentication using an authentication app when they next log in.

For our customers in England and Wales, let us know if you would like this enabled for your organisation.

Prevent patients from replying to outbound messages

As per messages you send in response to a patient's request, you can now prevent the patient from replying to outbound messages too:

Password reset emails for Engage Consult

We have had several patients report that they have not received an email when they have used the 'I cannot remember my password' link. On investigation, they have entered an email address for which there is no Engage Consult account (perhaps they are confusing their account with a different provider). To make it clear, we will now send an email informing the patient that no account has been found for the email address entered.

Password reset for the Engage Desktop Client

When resetting your password for the Engage Desktop Client, the browser would sometimes open with your user account already logged in (if you had used the Engage Client in the browser recently), this meant you were unable to reset your password. This will no longer happen.

Management Console

We've moved more settings across from to the Management Console - click here for guidance with accessing the Management Console.

For those of you who have noticed that the Management Console is getting a little busy as we move these settings across, we've made a couple of little tweaks to the layout including the ability to collapse each section. We hope this makes it a little easier to navigate!

Option to make email address optional for guests

A customer using Engage Consult for their total triage model have experienced an issue with some patients not having (or not having access to) an email address. To ensure that their patients can still use Engage Consult we have added an option to make the email address in the guest route optional:

Cross-organisation appointment booking links

We recently teamed up with Hero Health to offer appointment booking links in Engage Consult. Well, now you can invite your patients to book an appointment with any practice/organisation in your network. 

If you are interested in using this feature, do drop us a line.