Medical problem matching    

We are very excited to announce our new system for medical consultations in Engage Consult.

We will prompt the user to select from a list of matching problems. On selecting a problem they will be shown the lastest information for the condition including videos and signposting taken from the NHS A-Z (or NHS Inform if in Scotland).

This supports NHS England's Pharmacy First scheme and as you can see in this example, the user will be informed if a pharmacy can help with their problem.

Having read through this information, the patient can choose whether to continue with their consultation.

We are confident that showing this information embedded in Engage Consult will reduce demand and signpost patients to more appropriate services.

As soon as we receive final approval from the NHS App team, this new medical journey will go live for patients using the NHS App too.

Engage Consult app

Our Engage Consult app is free for all to use. The app allows your patients to log into their account easily using biometrics, and allows you to notify them about new messages using push notifications, meaning patients pick up their messages in a timely fashion and you save on SMS costs. Now, when your patients access Engage Consult through the browser on their iOS device they will be prompted to download or open the Engage Consult app.

Character count on text areas

We've worked closely with the NHS App team over the last 6 months on making Engage Consult align with the latest NHS App integration guidance, ensuring that our solution is accessible and user friendly. Following their advice, we have made several changes to the design and language used, for example, we have implemented a word/character count on all text areas in Engage Consult so that it is clear to the patient how much text they can enter.

Questionnaire categories

All questionnaires will now be assigned to a category, medical or admin, giving you greater control over when you receive them. You will be able to assign the category to any questionnaires you create in our build your own feature

Option to hide name on completed requests

When a completed request is viewed in Engage Consult, it will state who completed it. If you have chosen to hide your name and display just the practice name when sending messages to the patient, we will not display your name on completed requests either. Find this setting in the Personal details section of your account in the Engage Client.

We've made some other teeny tiny improvements which we won't bore you with the details of and fixed a couple of bugs along the way too.

We'd appreciate it if you could let us know what you think of the new features, drop us a comment anytime using the feedback widget floating at the bottom of the Engage Client.