Promotion of Engage Consult App

If a patient accesses Engage Consult on an Android smartphone, they will now see a banner letting them know that we have an app that they can install. The app gives them easy access to your services and allows them to receive push notifications when you respond to their request:


We've added a new chart showing usage of Engage Consult across the week, allowing you to spot trends as to when demand is higher or lower - you can find it on your Usage dashboard:

Your practice address

If necessary, you can now change how your practice address displays in the Engage Consult header within Organisation settings in the Management Console:

Appointment booking links

We've enhanced our appointment booking feature - you can now change the expiry date of the link you send to patients, by default it will be set to 2 weeks.

Character count on patient messages

After receiving feedback from patients saying that the 100-word limit on messages did not allow them to respond to your questions adequately we've increased the limit to 400 words.

Resizing the message box

You let us know that the control that allowed you to resize the box when typing a message to a patient has disappeared, rather than just adding the control back, we've gone one better and now the box will automatically expand as you type:

We hope you like this improvement and please know we're always listening to your feedback.

A few little bugs crept in when no one was looking, we've given them the boot too!