Improved practice search

Some patients reported having trouble finding their practice on Engage Consult so we've improved the search to display similar matches, for example searching 'The Village Practice' will now find 'Village Practice'.

New report 

We've added a new report to your Medical Consultations dashboard which will allow you to see the number of patients who have said they do not need to continue with their medical consultation after reading the NHS information for the medical problem that they selected.

Engage Arrive on Mobile

We've upgraded the map you use to set your practice location, a bubble will now show clearly the area in which your patients can check-in for their appointments via their mobile phone. You can increase/decrease this area as required by selecting the number of metres below.

Feature to be withdrawn

Please note, since the successful introduction of medical problem matching to problems and content taken from, we will be withdrawing our 'Content' feature allowing you to add your own content to medical problems. This feature, and any content that you have added (in will be removed on 31 July 2024.