Patients unable to access messages

We became aware of an issue that meant that patients have sometimes been unable to access the messages in their Engage Consult account. Logging out and back in would have resolved the issue. Any messages sent have been preserved.

This has now been resolved, however, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Configure your own bank holidays

We learned that some of our customers in Scotland follow a different bank holiday schedule to that published via the government's API, so we've made a change that will allow you to configure your own bank holidays.

In Demand management - click on the bank holiday link to access the calendar, any current bank holidays will be highlighted:

This feature has been made available to all customers. Engage Consult will honour the service hours and limits you set for any date you have selected as a bank holiday. This can be useful for other days where you may have special working arrangements, for example, staff training days.