If your Engage Health Touchscreen doesn't switch on when you press the red power button, there are a few important things to check before contacting support. 

First, check your Touchscreen closely after pressing the power button, are there any flashing LED's on the bottom of the screen? Can you hear the cooling fans running? If so, this may indicate a fault in the Touchscreen display. 

If you see no lights, and hear no fans, that would indicate no power is reaching the screen, in this case, please continue with the following checks.

1. Check the power cable is plugged in and switched on at the wall.

2. Check the power cable is securely plugged into the back of the screen. You may need to remove the touchscreen from the wall to access the power cable. To do this, first remove the two phillips screws from the bottom of the touchscreen:

You can then lift the Touchscreen off of the brackets. Please be careful with power / ethernet cable tension.

3. Make sure to test the power socket which your Touchscreen is plugged into, to do this, plug in another device to ensure the socket is powered.

4. Check the power cable itself. The power cable is a standard kettle lead used on most PCs and monitors:

This can be done one of two ways, either use the cable to power on another device, like a monitor or desktop PC. Or, preferably, try another power cable from the practice, borrowed from another PC or Monitor on your touchscreen. This second method is preferable, as using a faulty cable on another device could lead to damage.