The following guide should be used if the Touchscreen is not reacting to Touch or is activating the wrong area e.g. wrong Day or Month.

If the Touchscreen is on the network, you can remotely connect to the Touchscreen. You will need two people. One on the Console and the other in front of the Touchcreen.

If the Touchscreen is not on the network, only one person will need to be in front of the Touchscreen with a USB keyboard plugged in.

Test Grid

In the Touchscreen Console settings tab, set the Mode to Test and then Sync. The Touchscreen will display a test grid.

When pressing a square, the one you touch should turn green. Continue pressing different squares.

If you find the ones you're touching turn green, this indicates there is not an issue with the calibration. If you however find other squares are highlighting wrongfully, scroll to the calibration section below.

Drag Box

Alternatively, or in addition to the Test Grid, you can perform a manual test using a drag box.

Close the Engage Touch Arrival software by pressing on the Touchscreen software then pressing the ESC key.

To create a "drag box" press on the Touchscreen in a corner and move your fingers along the screen to the opposite corner.

If there are no problems, you should be able to create a drag box that highlights the entire screen.

If it suddenly cuts off at a certain section, this indicates a sensor issue.

Calibrate Windows 10

Remote onto the Touchscreen, right click the Calibrate icon on the desktop and select Run as administrator.

Click Basic Setup

Read the Basic Setup instructions and press OK


Follow the instructions on screen



If the Basic Setup is not successful, it will automatically prompt to run through the steps again

After completing step 5 successfully you will see the following message.

After completing Basic Setup, try the Test Grid again to see if the Touchscreen is now responding appropriately.

If Basic Setup hasn't improved the Touchscreen responsiveness, we can try a calibration.

Click Calibrate

Follow the instructions on screen.


After completing Calibrate, try the Test Grid again to see if the Touchscreen is now responding appropriately.

If the issue persists, the Touchscreen will likely need to be replaced.

Calibrate Windows 7

In the Zytronic Controller, click the Calibrate button. You can increase the number of points for added accuracy.

If the calibration doesn't work, try clicking the Reset Controller (Note: You will not see any indication that a change has been made)