The screen will log all arrival attempts. You can view these logs by clicking on the Logs button, within your Touchscreen Console, on the Screens tab. You will need to know the gender and date of birth of a patient who reported the failure, as well as a rough time that the patient tried to use the screen.

Common reasons that you can try and identify yourself:

1. The patient has tried to arrive too early or too late for their appointment. What you should do here is compare the time of the patient's appointment, with the time they tried to book in, and look at the arrival window that you have set on the Settings tab. (Allow to arrive X minutes early/late).

2. The patient did not enter the correct gender or date or birth. Check the logs and make sure you can find an arrival attempt with the correct gender and date of birth.

Any errors that the screen displays are also logged. Always contact Engage Health if your Logs contain any errors. If you have had a look for the common reasons and can not find anything obvious, or you are unsure, please contact Engage Health