There are 4 available modes for your Engage Touch screen that can be changed by clicking on the drop down menu.  You can find this option in the Settings section of the Touchscreen Console


Select this option to display the normal arrival screen with the welcome message. In this mode the touchscreen is ready for patients to use to book in for their appointment. 


Select this option to display a message informing patients that the surgery is closed. 


Select this option to put your touchscreen in test mode.  You can use this to test whether your screen is responding to touch correctly.  It will display a number of buttons.  Press these buttons and the colour of the buttons will change.  If when you do this the buttons do not change colour or the wrong button changes colour please call us on 01263 834648 for assistance.


Select this option to put the touchscreen in off-line mode, for example if there is a problem with your clinical system.  The touchscreen will display the message 'Service temporarily unavailable'.