Communicating with, and engaging patients is crucial to the success of online consultations.  This plan outlines the steps you can take to maximise the number of patients using online consultations. 

The PDF version of the document below can be downloaded here

Communications and Engagement Plan

These are suggestions for how you can start to promote online consultations to your patients. The numbers in the table below refer to the number of weeks prior to your installation date.

  • Include an article in the practice newsletter, if one is due to be sent out before you launch Engage Consult. 
  • If you have a News section on your website create an article and publish it. 
  • Start including messages about it for new patients registering with the practice.
  • If you’re able to add messages to your telephone system add a message about Engage Consult and the launch date.
  • If your practice uses social media, start to advertise the arrival of the service and include a link to your practice’s web site and/or the Engage Consult article on your web site.
  • If you have a Patient Information Board or Touchscreen arrival system add a message about Engage Consult. 
  • Make leaflets available in reception.
  • If your practice provides patient wifi access add something to the landing page with a link to your practice web site and the article about Engage Consult on the web site.
  •  If you’re sending letters to patients add something to tell them about online consultations.
  • Add leaflets to any post sent or given to patients, e.g. when you hand out prescriptions.
  • Add something to your email signatures and/or out of office replies
  • SMS and/or email patients advising them to use the service.
  • Remind staff to promote the service when they speak to patients.
  • Make sure your practice phone system messages include promoting online consultations.
  • Ensure the Engage Consult banner is in a prominent place on your website and that any existing banners advertising the service are removed. Check where the banner appears on the mobile version of your website.
  • If you have a screen or TV in reception used to display messages to patients, make sure the Engage Consult Patient Video is being displayed.
  • Place posters on notice boards in practice and use the roll up banner about Engage Consult. These will be provided by Engage Health.
  • Add a leaflet to your new patient pack so they’re aware of the system as soon as they register.
  • If your practice provides patient Wi-Fi access add something to the landing page with a link to your practice web site and remove any links you might have added to articles about Engage Consult.