Unpacking the Touchscreen

Unlock the padlocks using code 834 or 8346

The combination is 8346, the 8 should be the first number towards the top of the lock. 

The numbers line up on the right hand face of the padlock. There should be a small line indentation to indicate where the numbers need to line up. 

Once the numbers are entered there won't be any indication that the lock has been released like a normal padlock. You have to push down the circled region and slide the cable at the same time to the left.

Once the padlocks are removed, pull both metal handles and turn them counter-clockwise until they detach.

You can now lift the box lid open.

You can remove the Touchscreen by lifting it up by the black mounting bracket.

Lift up the protective foam layer and remove and the included items and paperwork 

Preparing the box to be sent back

Now the Touchscreen and contents have been removed, place the protective foam layer back in the box.

Close the lid, push both metal handles forward and turn them clockwise until they fully click into place.

Attach both padlocks, scramble both codes to 000. It is important to ensure they are securely in place.

To arrange for collection call us on 01263 834648 or email support@engagehealth.uk

Ensure reception are aware of the courier collection taking place.