This article is only for clearing the cache for a surgery staff members Engage Client (Vixie).

For any other aspect of the Engage Consult suite, please see Clearing your cache (for all browsers) 

In the first instance, try pressing Ctrl + F5 on your keyboard whilst inside Vixie. If this is not successful, follow the steps below to manually delete the Cache.

1) Close the Engage Client (Vixie)

2) Press the Windows Key and R on your keyboard

3) In the Run window that opens, paste the following and press enter

%localappdata%\Engage Health Systems\Engage Desktop Client

4) Delete the cache folder
 That's it! Cache has been cleared.

Slower process

The below section shouldn't be required but details a slower method with more detail on manually navigating to the cache folder.

In your Engage Client (Vixie), within the address bar, delete the current URL and paste chrome://appcache-internals/
Then press Enter

You should see an image like the one displayed below.
Except where the red USER, it will have your Windows username.

Highlight all the text after "instances in:"
Then right click > Copy

Now go to an Explorer window
Paste the text in the address bar and delete 'cache (0)' off the end
Now press enter

See the highlighted text which should be deleted before pressing enter

Right click on the cache folder and Delete