Below is a video explaining how to start a video consultation with patients.

To initiate a video consultation with a patient simply access their request, and click the "video consultation" button highlighted bellow.

This button will bring up the pop up below, it will auto-populate their mobile number from their clinical record. You can add four attendees to the video consultation including clinician.   

Staff can enter their mobile number in their personal details so that a staff member can be sent a link to a video consultation via SMS. 

Simply click "Send and Join Now" to send them the invitation. Or you can select 'Copy link' and send them an email of the joining details and then click 'Join Now'. 

After Clicking 'Send SMS and Join Now' or 'Join now' you will see the this pop up window. This is your video call waiting for the patient to connect.

What the Patient Sees

The patient will receive a text message that looks like this:

All they need to do is tap the link, which will open in their phone's internet browser and connect to the call.

This is what the patients will see upon tapping the link, they simply need to tap "Join Call" and if necessary they may need to allow the phone's browser to access their camera.

It will add a log to the request as below.

When the video consultation has ended and the patient joined via an SMS link a coded entry is added to the patients record within the clinical system. 

If the patient failed to attend the video consultation via an SMS link a coded entry is added to the patients record within the clinical system.

How to start a video consultation from the toolbar

Open the toolbar.

Select the camera icon.

It will load the patient in your clinical system or you can choose to find a different patient.

Then you can start the video consultation.

Attached below is Engage Health Systems top 10 tips for conducting video consultations.