What's new?

Messaging Templates

A new Personal Message Templates feature has been created to support adding notes to a request, sending an Engage Message, or sending an outbound patient message.

For further information on Personal Message Templates, please refer to the article 'How to guide - Message Templates'.  This article also includes a video on how to to use Personal Message Templates. 

'Out of hours' message

An 'Out of hours' message is displayed in response to a request being submitted outside of service hours as defined in the Admin settings.

Patient Name placeholder in Message Templates

When creating a Personal Message Template, a placeholder in the form of a variable named %patientname% can be used that will be replaced with the patients title, first name and last name.  This prevents the user from having to type the name of the patient when they send a message to a patient.

Using exported file for bulk Outbound Patient Messaging

It is now possible to use the default exported file from EMIS and SystmOne for sending bulk Outbound Patient Messages (OPMs).

What's fixed?

NHS Login Error

There was an issue with an error being displayed when a user attempted to use NHS Login to Engage Consult.  This issue has now been resolved.

What's changed?

Terms Page

The Terms page has been modified as shown below.

Privacy Page

The Privacy page has been modified as shown below.

Submitted Page

The Submitted page has been modified as shown below.

Contact Details Page

The Contact Details page has been modified as shown below.

Amendment to Service Times

All service times that are neither midnight, midday but are on the hour are now shown in the form "9pm".