Firstly ensure you are using the desktop version of the Engage Client (or download it here) and that it is connected to your clinical system. It should show as below on the Engage Client in the left hand corner.

If you are not connected to your clinical system click on your clinical system below to see the instructions on how to connect.






When you click to view a request in the Engage Client and are ready to upload the request to the clinical system click Action.

Complete - Means it will complete the request so the patient can no longer respond and it will not show in your request views unless show completed is ticked.

Send to Clinical- Allows you to upload the request to the clinical system and select what you want to be shown in the PDF that gets attached or send to clinical and complete which will upload the request and mark the request as completed in the Engage Client.

You can edit the text under additional information and add in any text you want to show as an overview in the patients record. You are also able to deselect the clinical code attached to the upload

Then scroll down to select and de-select what you want to be shown in the PDF that gets attached to the patients record (The example below shows the note has been deselected and therefore will not be added to the patients clinical record)

Once you have done select either to Send to clinical or Send to clinical and complete.

The request data may be uploaded to the patients clinical record as a pdf or as structured data depending on the settings. If the structured data option is selected, this will upload the data with relevant clinical codes (read codes in Scotland) see example below: