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To integrate Vision with your Engage Consult Client, open the tool top right corner of the client and select settings.


Once the settings window opens, on the connect to tab select vision from the system drop down menu. From here you will need to fill in the relevant fields:

  • System Path: This is your Vision Data drive, usually P:\
  • Login Name: Your offline Vision username
  • Password: Password for logging onto the offline user (not your smart card password)


For the platform select the option as shown in the above image (AEROS aka Hosted Vision)


Once you click OK, you should be connected to the Vision clinical system, and this will be shown in the top left corner of your homepage.



If the connection is not showing as green and connected, you should check you are on the correct clinical system in the clinical system integration menu on the Engage Client. More info on how to do this can be found here https://support.engagehealth.uk/support/solutions/articles/48001224543-management-console