To get access to the management console the administrator for can grant staff access. 

To do this log in to for your practice > select 'Engage Client' > 'Staff'.

Click 'Edit' on the staff members name who you want to grant management console access and select if they are an editor or can have full access as below.

Once this is done log in to the Engage Client or Select the hamburger menu either within the Engage Client or from the toolbar. 

Select 'Management Console' and you can see you get the list of options to choose from.

Admin Queries

You can now configure the admin query types displayed to the patient so you can ensure that Engage Consult meets your practice's specific needs. 

If you have management console access you will have the ability to configure the list by adding and removing what you want to show to your patients as shown below.

This will update the list shown to patients when they submit an admin query as below.

Audit log

The Audit Log shows you if any settings have been changed in the management console, who by, time and details.

Clinical System Integration

Select what clinical system you have integrated the Engage Client with which will set it for your whole organisation.

Data sharing agreements (DSA)

You can set up data sharing agreements between organisations if you already have a DSA in place. To find out more information click here.

Demand Management Settings

Under demand management settings you can configure request limits and service hours for admin and medical requests. 

You can either choose to use the same opening hours for admin as medical or set separate request limits and service hours. You can also set your bank holiday opening hours. For more information click here.

Engage Consult Services

Allows you to customise and configure the patient portal.

Intelligent request routing

You can set up rules to route requests to a particular group/colleague or to another organisation. For more information click here.

Organisation Settings

Here you can update the organisation name, telephone number and website address.

Organisation Message Templates 

You can create message templates for your organisation to utilise. For more information click here.


You can configure the outcomes displayed to users when they complete a request or send it to the patient's clinical record.


Allows you to configure what questionnaire type is displayed to the patient. For more information click here.