Two way messaging can be done with patients that have an Engage Consult user account. You can see if a patient that has submitted a request has an account by looking for the account holder bar within the request itself. See below:

You can open the two way messaging tab by either clicking the contact patient icon or clicking the Messages tab within the request.

Clicking the new message icon will open a pop up window on the right hand side. 

From here, you are able to message the patient directly to their Engage Consult account. The patient will receive an email to let them know that there is an outstanding message in their patient portal and the email will contain a link which takes them directly to the message page.

You can use personal or organisational templates to pre-populate the text field or enter free text into the message box for the patient to read. You can also add an attachment from your computer or directly from the patients clinical record (a sick not for example).

You can now also send patients questionnaires through the two way messaging feature.

PLEASE NOTE: Two way messages are always sent to the the account holder. If a request is sent on behalf of a patient, this will be confirmed in the orange border at the top of the message box

Once you have sent the message you can wait for the patients response and follow up with another message if needed. The patient will only be able to respond once. Or you can decide if would not like the patient to respond at all by selecting the relevant toggle. See below:

You can manage the request by selecting the waiting for patient option from status box. See below:

This shows a waiting for patient symbol on the requests homepage. On the right hand side of the requests you will the symbol below. The middle symbol signifies the request is waiting for patient response.

Once the patient responds, the request will highlight in the blue tint and bold writing on the requests homepage. You will need to acknowledge the message before responding.